Saturday, February 04, 2006

Media vs. Muslims & Christians

Reader Dave sent these interesting observations on the media response to the Islam cartoons:
All we hear from the ACLU, the Mainstream media, and the anti-Christian secularists in America that pound Christians, capitalists, and anti-socialists everyday is the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! But now that some European papers have run editorial cartoons showing the prophet Mohammed as a terrorist, or as apologizing to suicide bombers that Islamic Heaven is running out of virgins, what do we hear from the Elite American Media? Nothing. They don't have the courage to reprint these cartoons, which are themselves world wide news, sparking riots throughout Muslim countries, and the US State Department itself has called these cartoons 'insensitive' and warning our media that 'we' should be 'sensitive' to the religious beliefs of Muslims. Huh?

Why isn't the mainstream media in America and Britain not supporting the European papers in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, and others in supporting their right to print satirical cartoons of Mohammed? After all, our own government calls desecrating the crucifixion of Christ with feces "art" and even gives grants to those that make this 'art'. So, what's up? Here's the deal.

The mainstream editorialists of our mainstream papers, like the ACLU, and the University professors, are all cowards now! They want free speech, but not if it puts their lives on the line! The satirical cartoons of Mohammed in some European papers, and the subsequent outcry and death threats and economic boycotts by Muslims around the world to those countries that have printed these cartoons in their papers have brought to light the real problem the western world faces with Islam: Islam and free-speech are not compatible. And free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. And our own democracy is in danger when the cowards of our secularists show a cartoon of President Bush as a Nazi, call Osama a freedom fighter, but not one of the bunch has the guts to stand up for the right of free speech when it comes to a satirical depiction of Mohammed.

To those in Europe that have had the guts to hold their ground against the outcry of the Muslim world, you are true hero's! You are the freedom fighters of this new world reality. To those elite liberals in America, go pick on some little Christian like you usually do, and continue hiding under the table like Bernard Shaw when it comes to sticking up for free speech when the Islamic world tells you to stop! What cowardly bastards!


Via Winds of Change:

CNN: Craven News Network Shows Its Colours Re: Mohammed Cartoons

Not that I'm surprised. I mean, they kept silent about atrocities in Iraq to preserve their access to Saddam's country. Selling out is what they do. But doesn't this just snap everything that's wrong with the left-liberal mentality into brutally sharp focus. Via Mark in Mexico:

"And in the United States? Well, the faint hearted cowards at CNN showed, without any sense of decency or fear of reprisal, the Washington Post cartoon of a wounded veteran in bed with both arms and legs amputated that drew a letter of rebuke and protest signed by all 6 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. You can see the despicable cartoon and the Joint Chiefs' letter at Michelle Malkin's. Then, 30 seconds later, CNN reportedly showed the 12 cartoons of Muhammed but blurred the images making them indiscernable. CNN said the Muhammed images were blurred, "so as not to offend some members of the audience."

Res ipsa loquitur.

Now the spineless leftist pile 'o crap, The Boston Globe spews out this nonsense. It seems their reporters really don't read their own crap, as they regularly demonize American Christians and distort Israel's defending themselves from the extremists.
Just as the demand from Muslim countries for European governments to punish papers that printed the cartoons shows a misunderstanding of free societies, publishing the cartoons reflects an obtuse refusal to accept the profound meaning for a billion Muslims of Islam's prohibition against any pictorial representation of the prophet. Depicting Mohammed wearing a turban in the form of a bomb with a sputtering fuse is no less hurtful to most Muslims than Nazi caricatures of Jews or Ku Klux Klan caricatures of blacks are to those victims of intolerance. That is why the Danish cartoons will not be reproduced on these pages.
(Bush/Hitler is OK, though.)

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