Friday, February 10, 2006

If al Qaeda phones, tell them we can't take the call.

Is this really the way to regain power? Watching the Dems stand up and cheer when Bush commented on the failure of passage of Social Security reform, at the State of the Union, was frustrating enough, but to now watch them essentially dismantle one of the significant tools to fight terrorism, it's hard to watch...not to mention scary. How is this nonsense going to convince voters that they are the party of national security? They just keep taking the wrong side:


Let's start with the one thing we know for sure about the Bush administration's program to listen to al Qaeda's phone calls into and out of the United States: It's dead.

After all the publicity of the past two weeks, does anyone think that the boys working on plans for Boston Harbor, the Golden Gate Bridge or Chicago's Loop are still chatting by phone? If the purpose of the public exposure was to pull the plug on the pre-emptive surveillance program, mission accomplished. Be safe, Times Square.

At the least, al Qaeda's operatives in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Hamburg and the U.S. will hold off phoning in the next mass-murder plan until the U.S. Senate finishes deliberating Arlen Specter's proposal to legislatively order up an opinion from the judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, est. 1978, as to whether the antiterrorist wiretap program violates the law that created their jobs.

Surely the Dems are happy now!

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