Friday, February 10, 2006

Democrats: White House Knew About Levees

So the left is going to hang on to the Katrina story like a pit bull. Convinced they can smear Dubya with the "racist" tag, they apparently honestly believe that nobody really understands how FEMA is supposed to function and the governor and mayor were only bit players.

The fact that most everyone knows that New Orleans is the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state doesn't seem to matter. Or the fact that more whites were displaced than black is a small matter not worth noting, the Dems are convinced they can paint Bush & Company as racists.....and, well, liars, corrupt, and filthy immoral bags of garbage.

Oh, and by the way, the New Orleans fiasco was NOT a "natural disaster", it was man made and happened only because the state and city governments used levee improvement money for "other things" (use your imagination). Regardless, when it comes to blasting the Right with distorted versions of the story simply proves their basic policy of " repeat a lie often enough, it eventually becomes truth".
How pathetic.
Slander by the Democrats and MSM, by the book:


A timeline of e-mails, situation updates and weather reports, pieced together by Senate Democrats, indicates the Bush administration knew as early as 8:30 a.m. EST about levee failures that would ultimately lead to massive flooding of the city and its surrounding parishes.

Senate Democrats said the documents raise questions about whether the government moved quickly enough to rescue storm victims once they realized the levees had broken.

Democrats said the documents showed there was little excuse for the tardy federal response. is inexplicable to me how those responsible for the federal response could have woken up Tuesday morning unaware of this obviously catastrophic situation."

Apparently the Left believes the Feds should have a virtual army of first responders camped out on the fringes of every American city, just in case something bad happens. To the socialist mind, state governments have no responsibilities in such matters. Big daddy centralized government is the answer to all.

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