Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chuck Schumer: Let Halliburton Run Ports

Sen. Chucky Schumer, who wrote the book on being a self appointed moonbat, continues to make comments that verify his view that nobody pays attention to anything he says:

Sen. Charles Schumer, who's been a leading critic of the Bush administration's decision to approve a takeover of U.S. ports by a company based in the United Arab Emirates, said Monday that he'd rather give Hallibuton the contract.

"I'd take Halliburton over U.A.E. at this point, if I had to take a choice right now," Schumer told Fox News Channel's John Gibson.

The New York Democrat endorsed a Halliburton port takeover - an idea first floated by radio host Rush Limbaugh - even though his party has spent years vilifying the company because of its ties to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Schumer explained, however, that Democats had previously hated Halliburton because "they made large amounts of profit" from what he said were no-bid contracts.

But if Hallibuton "can do the best job and they get the contract on the merits," Schumer said, "I'd pat them on the back."

Right, he's pat them on the back and then shoot them in the head. Who is he trying to kid. Can you imagine Bush asking Halliburton to take over the ports? The left would rant and rave, stomp their feet, call for another investigation, and certainly insist that both Cheney and Bush resign.

As an aside, just how many actually knew these ports were owned by the Brits? Certainly not most of the politicians in Washington, or, for that matter, 99% of the electorate. Regardless of a complete lack of information on the subject, it's amazing to watch EVERYONE spewing their hard core positions. Verifying the old adage; " by God, I may not know anything about the subject, but I certainly have an opinion"......the very definition of politics!

H/T Hemant

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