Thursday, January 12, 2006

Washington Post on bias here. What a joke

For some reason the mainstream media seems to really believe the columnist Richard Cohen is one of their token "conservatives", but his writing certainly proves otherwise. His article today on Sen. Biden and his clown act at the Alito hearings discloses Mr. Cohen's actual opinions about the left and the right. Painting Biden and his assoc. lefties as somehow one of the "intellect" of the Senate, he has nothing but ridicule for Bush & Co.:
...The tragedy is that Biden, who is running for president, is a much better man and senator than these accounts would suggest.

....Biden occupies the sensible center of the Democratic Party. He supported Bill Clinton's crime bill (more cops, fewer assault rifles) which helped the Democrats fight the talk-show calumny that they were pro-crime and anti-cop.

.....Even on Iraq, an area where too many Democrats forgot that there was any reason for war, Biden took a decidedly centrist -- and defensible -- position. He voted to authorize the president to go to war but has since characterized that vote as "a mistake."

......But even before that vote, Biden was urging President Bush to seek international support for the Iraq effort, not to move precipitously, and to have a postwar plan. Bush, listening to you-know-who, did what the voices told him.

So, Biden's only real problem is he talks too much, but Bush listens to "you-know-who" and the "voices". Lefties aren't all that subtle, are they?

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