Thursday, January 26, 2006

U.S. Military Exceeds Recruiting Goals in December

But didn't we just hear all over the MSM (over 700 Google articles on this propaganda) that our military was in jeopardy and being "stretched thin"? I'm sure I heard that story at least 500 times in the last couple of days., then, can this be? Why, the ever so fair and balanced Time Ragazine said this:
Despite what the Pentagon says, there is growing evidence that the military is dangerously stretched in Iraq
Even as the Pentagon claims that the military is making great strides against the insurgency in Iraq, there are growing signs that U.S. forces may be near the breaking point.

And yet:
The Department of Defense (DoD) reports that all active duty branches of the U.S. Military exceeded their recruiting goals during the month of December 2005. In addition, DoD reports that all services met or exceeded their overall retention (reenlistment) goals for December and are projected to meet their retention goals for fiscal year 2006.

Both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps reported recruiting 106 percent of their projected monthly goals, while the Air Force and Navy achieved 101 percent of their recruiting goals for the month.

We certainly wouldn't want actual facts to get in the way of the leftist moonbats!

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