Friday, January 13, 2006

A real solution to the war on drugs

There is not an iota of difference between drug prohibition (aka the "war on drugs") and alcohol prohibition of yesteryear, yet no lessons have been learned. In both instances, all the prohibition creates is growth of organized crime, corruption at all levels of government, overflowing prisons and, most importantly, the assault on our Bill of Rights.

The idea of prohibition has never worked and never will, yet the real solution is blatantly obvious.....but seems invisible. DEA chief, Karen Tandy actually touched on the core of the problem, and the solution, but without really understanding the implication, in yet another Drug War article that misses the entire point:

USA Today
Drug traffickers and suspected terrorists are using prepaid ATM cards and Internet-based payment systems to help launder billions of dollars each year,
Treasury Department reported Wednesday in what it called the first government-wide analysis of money laundering in the USA.

Levey said it's unclear how much money in the USA is made from criminal enterprises. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy estimates sales of illicit drugs in the USA produce $65 billion a year for traffickeers United Nations estimates illicit drug revenue in the USA, Canada and Mexico to be $142 billion a year.

....and the money quote:
"The key to ending drug trafficking is to wipe out the money side," Drug Enforcement Administration chief Karen Tandy said. The DEA seized $2 billion in 2005, up from $500 million in 2003, she said.

What's the obvious solution then? How about ending prohibition? Why does it no occur to proponents of prohibition that marijuana, for example, has a street price close to that of gold? It's a weed, for cryin' out loud. This isn't rocket science.

What would happen if we were to actually end prohibition? How about the end of drug dealers, a serious reduction in crime, prison space for violent criminals, the end of the narco-industrial complex, not the mention the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by the feds and states spent on this foolhardy endeavor.

Our drug laws do more harm to our society than the drugs themselves.

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