Thursday, January 05, 2006

NY Times: Mine deaths Bush's fault

Like Katrina, it didn't take long for the NY Times to blame Bush for the 12 mine deaths. Apparently, except their deep seated blatant hatred of Bush, the Times doesn't really have much to say about anything.....other than "liberalism is our salvation".

Here's the short version of the Times' latest distortions:
(shamelessly stolen from BizzyBlog)

NY Times:
Political figures from both parties have long defended and profited from ties to the coal industry. Whether or not that was a factor in the Sago mine’s history, the Bush administration’s cramming of important posts in the Department of the Interior with biased operatives from the coal, oil and gas industry is not reassuring about general safety in the mines. Steven Griles, a mining lobbyist before being appointed deputy secretary of the interior, devoted four years to rolling back mine regulations and then went back to lobbying for the industry.
.....and then, of course, the actual statistics regarding mine safety are 180 degrees from the Times story.....

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Contrary to what The Times would have you believe, the trend has been favorable for many years, especially the past four, where there has been a near-50% drop in fatalities. In fact, these results support the contention that staffing Interior with people who actually know their industry has led to greater safety. And where was The Times when coal mine fatalities increased over 40% during the last three years of the previous administration’s arguable responsiblity (1999, 2000, and 2001, given that a new administration’s first budget and full implementation of its priorities typically does not occur until October of its first year in office)?

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