Saturday, January 14, 2006

Members of Congress arrive in Jamaica for five-day trip

Isn't this the same kind of crap that's causing all the uproar in Congress? What are the DEMOCRAT representatives doing in Jamaica, of all places?

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica Six members of the Congress arrived in Jamaica today to begin a five-day tour of the island.

The delegation includes Democratic representatives from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio as well as Representative Lynn Woolsey from Petaluma.A spokeswoman for the Jamaican Embassy in Washington D-C says the members will discuss security and trade issues while visiting tourist sites.

They're in Jamaica to discuss "security and trade issues"....hmm. No doubt they'll all come back with a nice tan, and their constituents will really appreciate all the benefits that will befall them from the efforts of their representatives lounging in the islands. yup,yup,'s all about taking care of the little people.

Bunch of hypocrites, they are.

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