Saturday, January 14, 2006

Government efficiency in action

The Left just loves big government, and seem to honestly believe central control of our lives is the way to a "level playing field". One size fits all.

Here's today's example of how government spends our money:

The Associated Press

CHIMACUM, Jeffereson County — Brian Lawson, a self-employed market analyst, and his wife Jackie got both more and less than they expected when they ordered an Internal Revenue Service instruction booklet by telephone.

What the Lawsons wanted was a single copy of the Form 1040 instructions for 2003 to help fix them a numerical error on their returns that has resulted in them having to pay $300 a month in back taxes since they filed their return for that year.

What they got on Wednesday evening, three weeks after their call, was a UPS Inc. delivery of 12 boxes containing 2,000 copies each — 24,000 booklets in all — of the Form 1040 instructions for 2005.

The wrong booklets were sent from Bloomington, Ill., and arrived at the right place despite being addressed to Chimacum, D.C., instead of Chimacum, Wash.

And the liberals what to turn our entire healthcare system over to the federal government. Why? Because it will be less expensive and more efficient than our current healthcare sytsem. Yeah, riiiight.

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