Sunday, January 29, 2006

Frist: Gov't Unwanted in End-Of-Life Cases

You would think that the leader of the "smaller government" brigade would have known that NOBODY wants the government, particularly the FEDERAL government, intruding in the most personal and private issues involving end of life care. As a Republican, I've never been so frustrated with the party as when they tried to intervene in the Shiavo case. If that wasn't a blatant display of grotesque big government intervention, what is?
WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who took a leading role in the Terry Schiavo case, said Sunday it taught him that Americans do not want the government involved in such end-of-life decisions.

.....Asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" if he had any regrets regarding the Schiavo case, Frist said: "Well, I'll tell you what I learned from it, which is obvious. The American people don't want you involved in these decisions."

And he should have added: "..and we made fools of both ourselves and everything our party is supposed to stand for"

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