Monday, January 09, 2006

Former Democratic Governor of New Jersey endorses Alito

Wow, a former New Jersey governor endorsed Judge Alito. Not only endorsed the judge, said some pretty interesting things about him as well. Hard to believe there really are fair minded Democrats, but apparently they do exist:

Via PowerLine

Brendan Byrne, a Democrat and former Governor of New Jersey, had this to say about Judge Alito in a letter to the Newark Star Ledger:

I write to express my support for the nomination of Sam Alito to become an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Alito is from New Jersey, so I have known him and his family for decades. I truly believe that he is by far the best we are going to get from this president and that it would be a grave mistake to turn him down. Those of us who would support a more liberal candidate also lost an election in 2004 and are obliged to think in that context. However, I truly believe that Sam Alito is not an ideologue but has a superb mind and would make a fine addition to the court.

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