Thursday, December 22, 2005

Union thugs don't like to be called thugs...third day of NY strike

Now the NY transit union bosses are going to face a judge who's threatening to put the union leaders in the slammer for violating the state law which prohibits city/state workers to strike. IMHO, not only should the 'bosses' be thrown in the slammer, the union should be disbanded and the workers should be give 12hrs.notice to be back on the job or be fired. It's not complicated.....Pres. Reagan did it, no problem. They are involved in illegal activities and should be treated accordingly.....BUT, being the bastion of liberalism, NY laws are apparently just suggestions, without consequences.....wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, now would we.

As previously noted, unions are simply an adjunct of the Democrat party and this type of action is typical of the unions and liberals, while demonizing capitalism and Republicans equally, millions of NYorkers are experiencing the thuggery of the union mentality w/ such homilies as:

At the same news conference, Toussaint (the union head thug) said the mayor had recently used offensive language to characterize union members when he said the union "thuggishly" turned its back on New York.

"We are not thugs," Toussaint said. "It points to the problem at the MTA that is shared by the city fathers and the state fathers. ... We find it extremely regrettable."

No, the problem is not the MTA, the problem is UNIONS! who benefit only themselves at the expense of others.....kinda like our tax code. Geez, what a bunch of morons.

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