Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saddam-Era Mass Grave Found in Karbala

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Municipal workers in the Shiite holy city of Karbala found remains believed to be from a mass grave dating to 1991, when Saddam Hussein's regime put down a Shiite uprising in the south.
Human rights organizations estimate that more than 300,000 people, mainly Kurds and Shiite Muslims, were killed and buried in mass graves during Saddam's 23-year rule, which ended when U.S.-led forces toppled his regime in 2003. Saddam and seven co-defendants are now on trial for the deaths of more than 140 Shiites after a 1982 attempt on Saddam's life in the town of Dujail, north of Baghdad.

....and then there's the insane leading the insane at Saddam's trial, including a resident American moonbat:

Bizarrely, his legal team address Saddam as "Mr President" -- despite the fact he tortured, gassed and butchered an estimated 300,000 of his own people during a 24-year reign of terror...

Mr Clark added: "Before Saddam's capture he was moving every day to a different location, organising the insurgents.

"But every few days he came back to this escape area. Now he knows it was a mistake. Probably American soldiers did not discover the hole. They were told about it..."

Saddam is not paying his legal team during the trial.

General Ramsey Clark said: "Saddam doesn't have any money and even if he had, I wouldn't accept it."

(....Ramsey the dipstick, a representative of the Left in America, giving America another black eye. (ooohh, it just occurred to me that using the term "black eye" could be construed as racist..uh oh))

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