Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A real world look at socialized medicine

The U.S. liberals often point to Canada's alleged efficient socialized medicine as a bench mark for the kind of system they want installed in America. Being firm believers that government run/controlled healthcare is the only "fair' form addressing the health issue. Well, besides Canada being on the edge of bankruptcy, mostly do to their "free" healthcare system, take a gander at what they perceive as ideal wait times for some of the more common health treatments.....keep in mind this isn't the actual times, but what they can only wish would be reality (talk about delusional thinking):

Health ministers from across the country have unveiled 10 key benchmarks aimed at cutting wait times for medical services.

  • Radiation therapy to treat cancer within four weeks of patients being ready to treat.
  • Hip fracture treatment within 48 hours.
  • Hip replacements within 26 weeks.
  • Knee replacements within 26 weeks.
  • Surgery to remove cataracts within 16 weeks for patients who are at high risk.
  • Breast cancer screening for women aged 50 to 69 every two years.
  • Cervical cancer screening for women aged 18 to 69 every three years after two normal tests.
There are three additional wait-time benchmarks for cardiac bypass patients that will provide treatment within two weeks to 26 weeks, depending on the severity of the case.

How would you like to have to wait 6 months for a cardiac bypass?? Ah yes, the joys of free healthcare!

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