Friday, December 02, 2005

Pajamas Media new blog entry

Pretty much only bloggers, and only a few, know about the debut of the new blog site "PajamasMedia", but considering the fact that it was created by some of the big dogs in the blogosphere (Glenn Reynolds,Roger Simon, etc), the site will surely have serious traffic but whether it succeeds in the long run remains to be seen. Most blogs, like this one, are basically news aggregators w/ comments and editorials. PajamasMedia's primary business model is to essentially become an aggregator of blogs, while creating a marketplace capable of generating profits from shared advertising.

Whether this idea will succeed or not remains to be seen, I have my doubts. But I'm also the person that thought Google's initial stock offering was waaay to high at $100 per share. Anyway, if you're into the blogosphere phenom. and it's inner workings, keep an eye on PajamasMedia.

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