Thursday, December 01, 2005

Michelle Malkin Takes on Moonbat Janeane Garofalo

At some point in the distant past, on a planet.....never mine. Garafalo used to call herself a comedian but now she's nothing but a flame throwing leftwing nut case, spewing her bile on AirAmerica radio. Garafalo had the audacity to imply that Republicans are just angry white men and they should enroll in "anger management".

If you don't know Michelle Malkin, you need to read her stuff. She can throw red meat with the best of them. She's regularly smeared by the loony left, and the attacks on her are a glimpse of the real liberal mindset.

A little sample of Michelle's take on Garafolo's latest rant:
Janeane Garofalo, left-wing actress-turned-Air America radio host, is a miserable woman. Last week before the holidays, she turned up on cable TV. No, not to count her blessings but to rant against conservative journalist Bob Novak, author Ann Coulter, and the Fox News Channel. She didn't have anything better to do for Thanksgiving?

Accessorized by a permanent scowl (hard to believe she was once considered a comedienne), Ms. Garofalo accused conservatives of having "an anger management problem. Without a trace of irony, the frowning Garofalo griped about "right-wing partisan hacks who are always on the verge of punching somebody or always behave as if they've just been cut off in traffic."

This, dear readers, is a classic case of liberal projection. Like CNN executive Jonathan Klein, who derided Fox's audience as full of "angry white men, and those men tend to be rabid," and liberal comedian Bill Maher, who also railed that "Republicans need anger management" and are possessed with a "vein-popping, gut-churning rage that consumes the entire right wing," Ms. Garafolo crossly blames the Right while denying the pathological wrath and fury that characterize the unhinged Left.

Michelle doesn't just throw accusation out, she links every one of her assertions to the source. You don't want to mess with Michelle, she knows what she's doing!!
Malkin belongs on your browser favorites list.

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