Wednesday, December 28, 2005

McDonald’s to put nutrition facts on packaging

The only reason McDonald's is adding the nutrition info on their packaging is because of their deep fear of the trial lawyers and the fat police (those would be the liberal Democrats). They could save themselves from confusing the loons if they simply lableled all of their menu items: " consuming excess quantities of this item will make your sorry ass FAT".......maybe that's a wee bit acerbic....nah.

CHICAGO - McDonald's Corp. announced Tuesday that it will display nutrition information on the packaging for most of its menu items next year.

The world's largest restaurant company, like other fast-food chains, already has detailed nutrition information posted on its Web site, and a list of menu items and their content was available at many outlets when consumers requested it.

But the chain had resisted calls to post calories and fat content prominently in its restaurants or on its packaging.

McDonald's has been a magnet for complaints that fast food is unhealthy. It was targeted by the 2003 documentary "Supersize Me," which focused on the health risks of an all fast-food diet, and hit with a lawsuit blaming the company for the obesity of teenage customers, although that suit was dismissed.

And where exatly did the "magnet of complaints" originate? You guessed it, THE FAT POLICE. Certainly this is a big win for the Democrats! No doubt the libs are all atwitter with the exciting news.

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