Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fresh Air in the Political Honey Pot

Say what you will about Gov. Schwarzenegger, he thinks for himself and doesn't take any crap from the moonbat lefties. Sure he's liberal on some things but compared to the socialists, Greenies, Communists, and other far left organizations running the former great state of Caleefornia, Ahrnold is 'da man. A recent dustup with his former homeland, Austria, really displayed the stuff of which he's made:
The Governor Strikes Back
By Debra Saunders
This month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave Our Betters in Europe a taste of their own bitter medicine. Angry at the governor's refusal to stop the Dec. 13 execution of convicted four-time murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams, city leaders of Graz, Austria, mobilized to remove Austria's most famous son's name from a stadium. Schwarzenegger responded with a "Dear Johan" letter. In it, he revoked the city's permission to use his name on the stadium and to promote Graz as a tourist destination. Schwarzenegger also returned a "ring of honor" bestowed by his hometown in 1999. "It is already in the mail," the governor wrote in German.

It apparently takes a European-born American to see what the Euro-elites are -- so desperate to promote themselves as better than Americans that they kowtow to thugs.

One "human rights" group, the Association of Christianity and Social Democracy, proposed that the stadium be named after Williams. That makes sense: Flaunt how your opposition to capital punishment makes you superior by honoring a felon who shot an unarmed man in the back, then later shot a father, a mother and their adult daughter and left them to die slow, painful deaths.

Meanwhile, the European press had canonized Williams -- regurgitating the Tookie propaganda about his "redemption." Agence France Presse called Williams a "repentant gang leader." London's The Independent gushed about "the widely expressed sense that if Mr. Williams were not regarded as an embodiment of rehabilitation and redemption, then the terms had no meaning in the U.S. criminal justice system." You'd never know that Williams never apologized for killing four innocent people.

read the whole thing here

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