Friday, December 02, 2005

Democrats set new hypocrisy standard

Listening to Nancy Pelosi repeat over and over again "....the Republican culture of corruption", it seemed a good idea to level the playing field...a term the socialist just looove...and post a little reality check for Ms. Pelosi:
click image to enlarge

If you want to see the unbelievable horsepucky on the left, be sure to visit NoAgenda and read all about the culture of corruption within the Democrat Party. Not to defend the charges being made against the Republicans, but it's only fair to also scrutinize what accusers are doing as well.

Particularly in Washington, politics is a down and dirty game full of all forms of pollution...on both sides of the aisle. All brought about by the inherent evil of "spending other people's money", which is all politicians do, every day of the year. Living in the unreal world of D.C. politicians of every stripe seem to eventually lose their way and become just another one of the pack.

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