Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush's "Tax Cuts for the Rich" and the horrible consequence

If the only news is obtained from the mainstream media, it would be easy to conclude that not only was Bush's tax cuts for the 'rich' unfair, and bad for the economy, but also is taking food right out of the mouths of the poor.....proving you just can't believe the media. Too bad the Dems. just can't face the real world:

Treasury Secretary John Snow released this chart today, showing the growth in federal tax revenues since the 2003 Tax Act.
In just the last week, we've learned that GDP growth was a robust 4.3 percent in the third quarter. That's strong growth for any time, and it happened when the country faced devastating natural disasters.

We also learned on Friday that 215,000 jobs were added to the payrolls in November. Job creation is the reward of strong economic growth, and November's employment report brings the total of jobs created since May of 2003 to four and a half million -- with 1.8 million new jobs created this year alone.

More details on the report here.

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