Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bill Clinton on Global Warming: Bush is Bad

Following the lead of the environmental moonbats, Bill Clinton assists in spreading the nonsensical idiocy about how humans, particularly the most productive humans in the world America, are just destroying the Earth. Spewing the blatant exaggeration that it's solely humans creating global warming, he seems unaware of the fact that global warming has been going on since the last ice age, some 10,000 years ago. Apparently, he believes that eliminating ALL humans would make Earth a virtual paradise.

As previously noted, when there are no new ideas, just make crap like this up. NO THINKING ALLOWED!!

The money quote from the man with no moral compass:
MONTREAL (AFP) (with over 2ft. of global warming on the ground):
"There's no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, accelerating, and caused by human activities," Clinton said.
....not be be confused with actual science.

For another view, see this story: Global Warming Blues

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