Sunday, November 20, 2005

The War at Home

For the umpteenth day/week/month in a row, the mainstream media is portraying Bush, Republicans, Conservatism, and virtually any philosophy even slightly right of center as a plague on the world. Completely distorting the war effort, using their favorite term "quagmire" almost hourly, it's no wonder the poll numbers for all things not liberal are down.

The real war in America is all about the media. Even though it's been true for decades, the jihad of the leftist media in the U.S has never been so hostile and anti-American. Blatantly supporting the extreme left of the Democrat Party, mainstream media has caused a rift of unprecedented proportions within our country. The harsh criticisms of Republicans in general and Bush in particular are simply off the scale of truth, honesty, and integrity. To believe the press/broadcast TV, and the Democrats is to believe the party they so despise (Republicans):

Probably the most frustrating issue of all is the denial of the liberal left media of it's own bias. The fact that ONLY LIBERALS believe there is no bias in the media makes one wonder how they can't see the elephant sitting in the room.

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