Friday, November 18, 2005

Shocking news: France scammed Iraqi oil for food program

Well, it's not really shocking. It's been well know for quite awhile that France crapped in their pants when we invaded Iraq and ruined their sweet deal w/ Saddaam and their oil scam. Of course, being Socialists and all, the U.S. Dems. see France as a true Socialist shining star and refuse to believe such a caring and loving government would do anything like oil money laundering. You can bet our press will downplay this story, or ignore it entirely......because "Bush lied"!! heh,heh.

I took Saddam's cash, admits French envoy
By Francis Harris in Washington and David Rennie in Brussels

One of France's most distinguished diplomats has confessed to an investigating judge that he accepted oil allocations from Saddam Hussein, it emerged yesterday.

Jean-Bernard Mérimée is thought to be the first senior figure to admit his role in the oil-for-food scandal, a United Nations humanitarian aid scheme hijacked by Saddam to buy influence.

The money was used to renovate a holiday home he owned in southern Morocco. At the time, Mr Mérimée was a special adviser to Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general.

Of course, and there's no doubt, Kofi Annan is clean as a whistle...yeah, right. Seriously, though, Kofi's in this scandal up to his eyeballs, but he hates America so it doesn't matter. Remember, it's America that's the evil in the world, according the socialists inside and outside the U.S. Besides, this is all Bush's fault!

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