Saturday, November 26, 2005

Middle Class looking for food in the dumpster?

Just another hit piece on America, the TimesOnline is accusing the U.S. of throwing away up to 50% of food produced in our country. Of course there's not a sliver of truth to the fabricated story, but it does a pretty good job of portraying the "freegan" gang as somehow intellectually superior to the average America. "Freegans" ("free" as in freeloader and "gans" which means complete idiot in Romulan), are really living off the fat of the land by dumpster diving for their food, clothes, stereos and other junk that no sane person is interested in. The Times' primary objective in publishing such a 'story' is to embarrass the U.S. and paint our country as rife with waste, pollution and decadence, proving once again the deep world wide envy of America.
Here's the essence of what is likely the dopiest story of the day:
The anti-capitalist freegans — the name combines “free” and “vegan” — are so appalled by the waste of the consumer society that they try to live on the leftovers, scavenging for food in supermarket dustbins.
The freegan philosophy of “ethical eating” argues that capitalism and mass production exploit workers, animals and the environment.

And the giant among them is a part time security guard, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about these tiny brain people (who also manage to give the security guard profession a bad name):

Adam Weissman, a freegan activist and sometime security guard in New Jersey, says freeganism grew out of the radical 1960s “yippie” movement but also has affinities with the hobos of the Great Depression who travelled around the country by stealing rides on the railways.

Read the rest here if you really, really have nothing else to do.

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