Wednesday, November 30, 2005

John McCain's Torturous View of Torture

It's hard to understand what happened to John McCain when he last ran for president, but there's no doubt he transformed himself into a completely different person during and after his last campaign. He used to be a loyal conservative and now he's simply a tool for the Left....whenever the Dems. want to trot out a Republican for dissent against his party, heeee're John. The whole "torture" thing is a perfect example.

Nobody understand torture more than John McCain, having had firsthand experience in Vietnam. But as the years have gone by, poor 'ol John has lost his senses and has saddled up w/ the lefties and has joined the chorus suggesting that American troops/ CIA/FBI and anybody associated with the war are pro-torture. He doesn't seem to understand the folly of "debating" this issue in the press or the halls of Congress, but it's a safe bet our enemy is taking notice.

McCain says torture simply doesn't work, yet it worked on him, by his own admission. Yet, for some reason he continues to use this canard to further his presidential aspiration. It's sad to see him go through this transformation, but it is not less a blatantly obvious example of what happens to good people when they isolate themselves in the Ivory Tower of Washington and completely lose touch with the real world. Poor John has completely lost his way.

Is any of this helpful to the war effort? Certainly not, and who would disagree? Why is the subject so important NOW? Could it be the election cycle? No doubt. John McCain and Hillary Clinton would make a terrific match for the loony left ticket in '08, since they both seem to have become just another couple of space cadets living the life of political fiefdom in our nation's capital.

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