Thursday, November 24, 2005

Iraq Facts: What you won't read in your newspaper is now publishing weekly updates about actual progress in Iraq. Although there's never a positive thing to say about the war from the Lame Stream Media, there are significant signs of progress and reasons to be encouraged.

"Iraqis Are Expressing Their Freedom By Providing Information Regarding Terrorists. The Number Of Tips Rose From 442 In February To 3,341 In August." (Rep. Duncan Hunter, "Talking Points: This Is No Time To Leave Iraq," Press Release, 11/18/05)

This Week In Iraq "One Iraqi Division, Five Brigades And 36 Battalions Have Now Taken The Lead In Their Areas, Compared To Just One Brigade And 11 Battalions Just Five Months Ago ..." (Department Of Defense Website,, Accessed 11/21/05)

"There Were No Independent Newspapers Or Magazines In Iraq Before The War. Today, There Are More Than 100." (Department Of Defense, "October, 2005 Report To Congress," Press Release, 11/15/05)

"Iraqis Now Have The Lead In Roughly 90 Square Miles Of Baghdad, An Entire Iraqi Province And More Than 450 Square Miles In Other Provinces ..." (Department Of Defense Website,, Accessed 11/21/05)

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