Monday, November 28, 2005

Inner Cities Continue to Hemorrhage Jobs

American inner cities rot at their core largely due to the war on drugs and the pathetic policies of the welfare state. Anyone with the nerve to do it can drive through any major city slum areas and see first hand the folly of our current policies. The only people that seem to not understand the problems are the socialists, who seem to believe expanding the current failed programs is the way to go:

Nearly half of the country's 82 largest municipalities lost jobs from 1995 to 2003, according to a new Harvard University study. By comparison, only one of the surrounding metropolitan areas lost jobs during the same period.

A separate analysis by The Associated Press found that most inner cities targeted by the federal government's primary urban economic programs lost jobs as well.

In fact, the best-performing cities were not part of the federal empowerment zone and renewal community programs, which provide businesses with billions of dollars in tax incentives to expand and hire workers.

"It's sobering," said Michael Porter, a Harvard business professor who did the study for the university's Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. "It suggests that there are relatively few inner cities that are thriving in the sense of job growth."

Federal intrusion has once again turned out to be the problem and not the solution to economic development in the cities. Yet we continue down the socialist road, federalizing education, crime, and health care while we collectively whine about the inefficiency of government and the obscene amount of tax dollars flushed down the toilet via absurd centralized government waste.

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