Saturday, November 26, 2005

God's Revenge on America's Athiest Micheal Newdow

Mr. Newdow, who apparently is frequently upset by the word "god", recently tried his hand at singing. The SacramentoBee best described the musical attempt:

But his budding musical career, which he put on display in a one-man show before a sparse audience Tuesday night, may be cut short by, of all things, lack of God-given talent.

Admirers and detractors can unite on at least one thing - the performance was, ahem, god-awful.

His singing was so-so, his lyrics inane, his rapping just plain ridiculous, his stage presence saved only by a brightly colored shirt. He rushed his lecture. And his lecture, essentially about the history of civilization, was way too long by biblical proportions.

Proving what goes around comes around!

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