Friday, November 25, 2005

Do the Democrats think we can actually negotiate with these people?

What could we possibly offer the terrorist to stop them from this kind of activity?

Iraq seizes booby-trapped toys
24/11/2005 17:13 - (SA)

Baghdad - The Iraqi army said on Thursday it had seized a number of booby-trapped children's dolls, accusing insurgents of using the explosive-filled toys to target children.

The dolls were found in a car, each one containing a grenade or other explosive, said an army statement.

The government said that two men driving the car had been arrested in the western Baghdad district of Abu Ghraib.

"This is the same type of doll as that handed out on several occasions by US soldiers to children," said government spokesperson Leith Kubba.

And then there's TODAY'S NEWS:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A homicide bomber blew up his car outside a hospital south of Baghdad on Thursday while U.S. troops handed out candy and food to children, killing 30 people and wounding about 40, including four Americans.

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