Sunday, November 27, 2005

Democrats on their energy policy: Bush Lied

Listening to the Left talk about reducing our dependency on foreign oil is just a joke. Virtually every Democrat, when asked about their energy "ideas", say exactly the same thing (besides 'Bush lied')...

OLYMPIA, Washington (AP) -- The federal government needs to create a comprehensive energy policy to address rising costs across the country, Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington said Saturday in the Democratic Party's weekly radio address.

"We're controlling rising prices and reducing our use of foreign oil by embracing alternative energy sources," she said.

But to keep pace with the energy demand, she said a comprehensive policy, with commitments from the states and federal government, is essential.

"Sadly, we simply can't rely on the Republican-controlled Congress to create a national energy policy that works," she said.

Their actual policy consists of : NO drilling for new oil ANYWHERE!, NO building of nuclear plants EVER, government takeover of the entire oil industry (known as socialism in the real world), mandate unachievable mileage standards from the automobile industry, and shove "mass transportation" down the throats of everyone...oh, and TAX THE "RICH" (rich are defined as anyone who works full time) to pay for all the leftist nonsense.

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